How would you like to be part of the Solar Revolution?

Are you looking to earn a great income and work from home?


Local and State Government have approved funding for residential homeowners to help lower energy consumption through Energy Efficient Upgrades.  No credit required.

U.S Population Growth has Utility Companies struggling to provide service.

The world is growing at an amazing rate. Currently, the Earth’s population is growing by 60,000 people every eight hours -- that’s two children born every second somewhere around the globe. Experts believe if we continue to grow at this pace, we’ll need 50 percent more energy to sustain humanity by 2050


Would you like to help homeowners save money with ENERGY  EFFICIENT GRADES  and SOLAR SYSTEMS  with No Money Down, No Money out of Pocket and savings from day 1

You can offer our Special NO MONEY DOWN Program to homeowners who want to help us advertise Solar Power in their neighborhood.  You will be helping families save thousands of dollars that could go for other expenses besides rising energy cost.  


Come join the TEAM! 


     "Working with Solar Energy Solutions was the best decision I've made.  They want you to be successful and they provide all the training to help you achieve your goals".

Every homeowner has an electric bill and most are tired of paying these high rates with no end in sight.


Electric bills are paid on forever and you can help people by putting an end date on their payments.  Every payment on a Solar System is one more month closer to a final payment.

Families are looking for ways to SAVE MONEY and you can help!

The Solar Industry is booming.  Neighborhoods are growing and every new home needs electricity.  Now you can provide a better solution than the electric companies.


  • Every home has an electric bill.

  • This bill is every month for as long as they live.

  • People Own their homes but they Rent their electric for 30 days.

  • Electric rates increase every year.  A $200 a month electric bill today will be over $400 a month in 20 years.

  • This could add up to over $250,000 over a life time.

  • People are looking for ways to cut their electric cost.

  • You can offer the same power like the Big Electric Companies for a Fraction of the cost with NO MONEY DOWN!


  • Work from home or office.  Set your own schedule.

  • High commissions average $3,850 per home!

  • FREE LEADS of people asking for a Solar Quote.*

  • Online sales training.  Study when you can.

  • Paperless Contracts.  No forms to print.

  • Business Cards and marketing material.

  • Stay a Sales Representative or work towards a promotion to Management or Area Director.

  • We handle all customer financing, installations, warranties and customer service. Once the deal is signed we take care of the rest.

  • Complete back office portal to track commissions, access training files and more.




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