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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial of Solar Biz-in-a-Box?

Unfortunately due to the downloadable files, setting up your accounts with our Finance Lenders and the multiple software programs that you will be getting, it takes our staff about 1 business day to set up and configure to your business. Due to this time and effort we do not offer a Free Trial. Also we will need to spend about 1 hour with you to do an overview of all the software programs to give a true understanding of all the functions and how to use them. . Make sure to schedule your overview time by clicking the link in the email we sent you after you purchase. Our goal is to make you a sucessful partner of ours becasue we want to fullfill your solar installs. Your monthly fee is only covering basic hosting and maintenance of the programs used.

Do you offer training?

Yes. Your first training is for 1 hour. This can be scheduled right after your purchase. To schedule your overciew training please check your email that you registered with. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder or send and email to We also do weekly group training every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10:00 am EST. Check the schedule in your back office for login details.

Can I hire as many people as I want?

Yes! You can grow your office as large as you want and have multiple accounts for your employees. You will be able to give them limited access to see the installation pipeline, access to training and our Canvassing App.

Are there any additional fees other than the monthly charge?

No, there are no more additional fees. Our goal is to make you a successful business owner and provide installation services for all of your sold jobs.

How soon after my purchase can I start?

You will get imediate access to your back office login page. There you will have limited access to certain programs until all of your software acounts have been set up for your business. We will also need to get you appointed with our Finance Lenders and this process is normally done in 1 business day. After your purchasing make sure to set up your first training session to go over your back office. Click on the schedule button or just follow the link in the email that was sent.

What area's do you offer the partner program in?

Our network of installation companies is still growing. We currently opperate in 26 States. You will be able to sell in any of the states we opperate in. Also through our webinar sales platform you can live anywhere in the U.S. and offer products in any of our listed States.

If I get to keep 100% of the profits, how does Solar Energy Solutions make their money?

Our installation partners compensate us by the amount of business we send them from our Solar Partners. They are more interested in fullfilling job orders than going out and generating business, which provides a great opportunity to people looking to handle the marketing and sales of Solar Systems. We only get paid if our Solar Partners are successful, so that is why we have develped this amazing software package along with our training and presentations that will deliver sells for someone who wants to start their own Solar Business.

Is this a long term contract?

No. You can quit any time. However our goal is to continue to work with you to grow your business by delivering a vested partnership where we can share with you our knowledge and experience over the years and guide you through the ever changing Solar Industry. New products, regulations and changes in state requirements can have a substantial impact on your business and we want to help you navigate through them.

What if I would like to cancel my subscription?

Solar Partnership Subscription Cancellation Policy
Cancellation You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that you must cancel your subscription before it renews for the subsequent month or for Annual subscriptions the subsequent year. If you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the current subscription period. Cancellation Period You will have a period of 7 Days to notify the company of your cancellation and be issued a full refund. The company must receive your cancellation in writing by sending an email to This email must be dated before your cancellation period has expired. No Refunds REFUNDS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR ANY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE OUTSIDE THE CANCELLATION PERIOD. WE DO NOT PROVIDE CREDIT, REFUNDS, OR PRORATED BILLING FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS THAT ARE CANCELLED MID-MONTH ON MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS OR AT ANY PERIOD FOR ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. In such a circumstance, you will continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of your monthly or annual billing cycle. Please note the refund policy is due to the sharing of company trade secrets, business practices, digital software services, time spent for training, website design and the dedicated services you will receive as part of our Partnership Program.