Kyocera KU270-6MCA Solar Panel - Black Frame, Sleek Look

• The black frame is anodized and UV stabilized
• Up to 1000 volt system voltage
• +3/-0% Power Tolerance
• 242.7 CEC Rating
• Supported by major mounting structure manufacturers
• Easily accessible grounding points on all four corners for fast installation
• Proven junction box technology with 12 AWG PV wire to work with transformerless grid-tie inverters
• Amphenol H4-UTX locking plug-in connectors there to provide safe and quick connections

The KU270-6MCA solar panel is reliable

• Proven superior field performance, 
• Tight power tolerance
• Only module manufacturer to pass rigorous long-term testing performed by TÜV Rheinland



QCells, 290W PV Module, MC4/MC-4 Compatible, PV Wire, 32mm Black Frame/Black Back Sheet, BOB, 60 Cell Mono, 20A Fuse, 1000VDC, 265.1 PTC, Q.Peak BLK-G4.1 290

With its top performance and completely black design the new Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 is the ideal solution for all residential rooftop applications thanks to its innovative cell technology Q.ANTUM. The world-record cell design was developed to achieve the best performance under real conditions – even with low radiation intensity and on clear, hot summer days.


  • Innovative Weather Technology & Enduring High Performance - Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behavior. Long-term yield security with Anti-PID Technology, Hot-Spot-Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q.

  • Low Electricity Generation Costs & Extreme Weather Rating - Higher yield per surface area and lower BOS costs thanks to higher power classes and an efficiency rate of up to 18.3%. High-tech aluminum alloy frame, certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa) regarding IEC.

  • Inclusive 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee.


LG NeON® 2 has an enhanced performance warranty.
The annual degradation has fallen from -0.6/yr to
-0.55/yr. Even after 25 years, the cell guarantees 1.2p
more output than the previous LG NeON® 2 modules.

Certifications and Warranty

CertificationsIEC 61215, IEC 61730-1/-2, UL 1703, ISO 9001, IEC 62716 (Ammonia Test), IEC 61701(Salt Mist Corrosion Test)

Module Fire Performance (USA)Type 1

Fire Rating (for CANADA)Class C (ULC/ORD C1703)

Product warranty12 years

Output warranty of PmaxLinear warranty**

**1) 1st year : 98%, 2) After 2nd year : 0.55% annual degradation, 3) 25 years : 84.8%


Hyundai Heavy Industries was founded in 1972 and is a Fortune 500 company. The company employs more than 48,000 people, and has a global leading 7 business divisions with sales of 51.3 Billion USD in 2013. As one of our core businesses of the company, Hyundai Heavy Industries is committed to develop and invest heavily in the field of renewable energy.

  • Solar Panel Specifications: Hyundai Module HiS-S245MG-BK

  • Maximum Power Pmax STC (Wp): 245 watts DC

  • Maximum Power Pmax PTC (Wp): 216.8 watts DC

  • Module Efficiency: 15.2%

  • Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V): 30.3V

  • Maximum Power Current Imp (A): 8.1A

  • Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V): 37.4V

  • Short Circuit Current Isc (A): 8.6A

  • Maximum system voltage: 600V UL, 1000V IEC

  • Maximum series fuse rating: 15A

  • Power Tolerance 0 +/- 3%

  • Solar Cells per module: 60

  • Solar Cell Type: Mono-crystalline silicon


SunPower delivers the most advanced solar systems, custom financing and progressive sustainability practices. And our fully-integrated design approach to solar systems, battery storage and energy monitoring software makes our unique solar solutions a sound investment with greater peace of mind. 

  • Most energy from less space: SunPower X-Series solar panels deliver 44% more power per panel.* Which means you can create more power in smaller spaces, with fewer panels. And, you can position them on the sunniest parts of your roof.

  • Most electricity: Simply put, SunPower X-Series panels produce more electricity than conventional panels. They convert more sunlight to electricity, producing 75% more energy per square foot over the first 25 years.



Today we are one of the three biggest manufacturers worldwide. The popularity of both our poly- and mono-crystalline modules comes down to the consistent quality and performance they deliver in even the harshest environments. This is backed by a 25-year linear performance warranty underwritten with 25-year insurance. Our solar modules are available in various formats ranging from 210 W to 320 W so, whatever your requirements, we have a product capable of meeting them.

Power:310/340 W

Size:982 * 1954 * 40 mm

Weight:22 kg


High performance and energy yield

High module quality

Robust module construction

Suitable for harsh environments